Essential Oils

Essential Oils can be used as a stand-alone therapy (inhalation, baths or massage) or in place of needles, massaged into acupoints. I apply Chinese medical theory and application to essential oil therapy.

WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OILS? Essential Oils are the volatile constituents of a plant, which contain its most active physiological qualities. In the living plant, these components are used in growth, reproduction/pollination and defense (against insects or herbivores, as well as against bacterial, viral and fungal attack). In most cases, a process of steam distillation or cold-processing extracts these volatile constituents of the plant’s oil (the “essence”) from its flowers, leaves, branches, seeds, bark or roots. Some oils are produced using high pressure in the presence of C02 gas, while others are extracted using solvents. When using essential oils therapeutically, care must be taken to select only the purest and preferably organic oils from a reputable supplier. Products sold as “aromatherapy” for room fragrance are not appropriate for medicinal use.

OBTAINING THE RIGHT REMEDY FOR YOU: Essential oils resonate with different states of mind, as well as having distinct physical and physiological effects. A comprehensive interview will help determine which oils and which therapeutic application is right for you.