Micro-System Treatments

A micro-system represents the entire body on an individual part of the body. A micro-system can be treated with acupuncture, acupressure or essential oils. It can be used as the primary mode of treatment, or in combination with other modalities. I use two primary micro-systems: the EAR and HAND. The face is another micro-system, and many people are familiar with foot reflexology, a massage technique that uses the foot to treat the entire body.

For example: In the ear micro-system, the eye is represented on the center of the ear lobe. In the hand micro-system, the most distant segment of the middle finger (opposite the fingernail) represents the face.

Auricular acupuncture, or ear acupuncture, is one of the more widely used micro-systems within eastern medicine. A combination of body and auricular acupuncture can reduce a broad range of symptoms such as minor depression, stress/anxiety, body aches and pains. Auricular acupuncture is used very effectively in some drug and detox programs, as well as in conjunction with body points for smoking cessation. Some people will “wear” their ear points home (affixed by small band aids), which extends the life of the treatment by up to several days. For people who are at the end of an illness or are particularly stressed, treating just 3 ear points will help them reduce their sensitivity to body needles and allow them to relax more deeply during treatment. Most people report their ears feeling warm, which is a sign that the micro-circulation has been stimulated and is responding appropriately. Their ears may also appear somewhat reddened, another sign of increased circulation. The color and sensation of warmth dissipate when the stimulation is removed.

The hand micro-system functions much the same way as the ear. It can be used as the only mode of treatment, or in conjunction with body needles. The hand is first massaged with special tools in order to release superficial muscle tension to reveal the more tender points in need of treatment. Treatment consists of small hand needles (less than ½” long) inserted shallowly, or acupressure pellets affixed to small band aids. These can also be worn home, extending the life of the treatment by several days.