Before any needling begins, you will describe your “health history” and why you are coming for acupuncture. Based on this information, I will arrive at a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. Your pulses will be taken; your tongue, face, skin and voice observed. First the points will be cleaned. Then the needles, which are sterile, quite thin and flexible, are inserted. The location being needled will depend upon the depth of insertion. Some needles go in just under the skin, while others go deeper (such as on the legs or belly). Upon insertion, you may feel a sensation of heaviness, numbness, ache, warmth or tingling at the point when the Qi is reached, or the sensation may travel along the meridian being needled. The needles are generally left in place for 15-45 minutes, depending on the treatment objective. Patients often report feeling relaxed or even euphoric after a treatment. It is quite common for patients to fall asleep once the needles are all in!