“Kathleen Port, LAc., is gifted on many levels. Her treatments are effective and relaxing.  She is very bright, skilled and calming to be around. Being a diabetic, taking multiple insulin injections every day for the last 49 years, and having a couple of very painful acupuncture experiences prior to meeting Kathleen, I am, at times, pretty scared of needles.  Kathleen’s treatments are painless and don’t cause me to become tense.  In fact, quite the opposite!   By the way, someone I know attributes their second pregnancy to Kathleen treating her for infertility…very impressive.  I recommend her unreservedly.”Jessica H., Culver City 4/9/12

“In acupuncture the difficulty is in finding the right practitioner.  It is the world’s oldest medicine, with written records going back four thousand years.  [A practitioner must study for] many years and have a certain aptitude.  Kathleen Port is not only a first class practitioner, but a lifelong student as well.  I went to her for a rare form of diabetes and the adrenal fatigue which led to it.  It also included serious sleep issues and nerve damage from the diabetes.  I am doing better in all those areas and her help has been crucial.   I have been a student of the martial arts for over fifty years, and I see in Mrs Port the level of discipline necessary to excel, the curiosity and drive necessary to grow in the art, and the sweetness of spirit  to truly care.  Highest possible recommendation!”  BB, Studio City CA 2/7/12

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Kathleen for over a year – I say “work with” because Kathleen has a unique ability to involve her patients in their care.  While I originally sought treatment for specific conditions (joint pain and sleeplessness), I have been the beneficiary of Kathleen’s gift for treating me as a whole person.  She has been instrumental in helping bring balance, peace-of-mind and perspective in many areas of my life.  Kathleen is a knowledgeable and caring practitioner and she has a wonderful sense of humor.  I greatly value my journey with Kathleen and recommend her to others without reservation.” Whitney, Los Angeles, CA 2/1/11

This morning I felt as if I had been reborn. Apparently the acupuncture was successful!”  MC, Beverly Hills, CA 2/23/10

“I was motivated to try acupuncture because I had pains in my lower back, down the outside of one leg, as well as chronic fatigue and a general sense of discouragement about my physical discomfort. Immediately I began to feel relief from the nagging back and leg pains, which allowed me to travel and continue working.  She designed a sustained regimen of treatment that eliminated the malaise of fatigue and has allowed me to regain my vitality and energy.  My sleep has improved over time and I am presently enjoying a sustained sense of well-being and good health.  I look forward to my monthly “tune-up” acupuncture treatments.  I believe that Kathleen Port is at once a highly skilled practitioner of acupuncture as well as an empathic healer.  I refer my friends and family to the care of Kathleen Port with enthusiasm and great confidence.” CC, Los Angeles CA

“I have been one of Kathleen’s patients since she first began her practice in 1997 and I can wholeheartedly say that her combined skill with acupuncture and herbal medicine is the best that I’ve experienced in this field of treatment (one with which I’ve had a fair amount of experience).  She brings to her practice immense integrity, empathy, warmth and dedication.  In addition, she never ceases her research and growth as a practitioner, and has helped me significantly — physically, emotionally and even mentally through some very difficult times in these past many years. I recommend her highly.  She is a true healer, in all senses of that word.” Marykate Harris, Studio City, CA

2 responses to “Testimonials

  1. Robert Christophe

    I’ve been a patient of Kathleen Port’s for over a year now. I find her skill and ability as an acupuncturist to be just amazing! I’m a martial arts instructor who is prone to bruises, aches and pains of the joints and muscles, and occasional severe lower back pain.
    Kathleen’s treatments cut my recovery time from karate bouts in half and very often provide immediate relief to the pain resulting from my injuries. I’ve sent many friends to her with a broad spectrum of physical and emotional complaints. Virtually every person I’ve referred has nothing but great things to say about her treatments.

  2. Veronica buxton

    Kathleen treated me recently for sciatica pain and post operative discomfort with great success. This was my first treatment and although I’ve known her for years she amazed me yet again with her deep knowledge, her thoughtful treatment and connectedness with and to my well being. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Kathleen is a practitioner and person of great commitment and personal integrity. How lucky I am she was there when I needed her help!

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