Your First Treatment

For your first visit, please arrive 5-10 minutes early for paperwork. You may also download these forms here (see Forms: New Patient, Intake and Schedule of Medications/Supplements). Please fill them out completely and e-mail them to me prior to your initial appointment. You may also bring any medical records or test results you feel are pertinent to your medical history.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing that will allow access to above the elbows and above the knees, and the abdomen. I can provide a gown, if necessary.

As for food, it is best not to be too hungry or too full before treatment.

My clinic is warm, friendly and comfortable, and the treatment room is private.

Your initial 90-minute visit will begin with a consultation to gather and/or clarify information about your chief complaint and your medical history. A diagnosis will be made according to classical and modern assessment including examination of the pulse and tongue. Treatment follows, and a plan will be created that may include customized herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and/or dietary suggestions. You will have 20-30 minutes to relax comfortably with the needles in.

Subsequent treatments are 45-75 minutes, depending on the kind of treatment you require; most average one hour.